the TEL on air

Tomorrow morning the TEL will play live on channel 5

catch us on air 

утро на 5

the TEL’s 4th birthday

On 17th of December the TEL will play a big solo gig @ Кубрик club

We accomplished a lot throughout these 4 years. We couldn’t make it without you that’s why we would love to celebrate our birthday with our fans!

doors: 8 pm
music: 8:30 pm
tickets: 300 rub.

тела в кубрике

TELUSION is here!

Great news!

TELUSION is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, and Spotify



All the links are here:




для сайта телюжн


TELUSION is now available in online stores!

iTunes_U_black          гугл3       spotify-connect         deezer

You can also check it out on our soundcloud page

the TEL got on top-50

The TEL and their single Кричат took third place in the rating of best underground singles of 2014

Full rating is here


The Icon Magazine interviwed the TEL after their Moscow gig

Read the article here


the TEL on air

Tomorrow the TEL will play live on Life 78

Watch us here from 8 to 10 am


the TEL answer your questions!

The questions you ask the more videos we do :-)

ask your questions here:

Moscow gig

Awesome news!

November,4 the TEL will present the second LP in  Мумий Тролль Бар (Moscow)

enter: free

For further information go here


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